Myon MicroModule SOM

Compact Form factor
Ideal for IoT and battery-operated handheld devices
Advantages of the Myon by Keith & Koep product range
Compact form factor
Very low power consumption
Long availability for at least 10 years
Pin compatibility guaranteed for successor products
ARM-based processors from Qualcomm® and NXP
2x 100 pin Hirose DF40 connectors
High pin compatibility with each other
Available with Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core

With the Myon CPU module series by Keith & Koep we offer a SOM class with a particularly compact form factor and very low power requirements. The application areas are especially very small IoT or handheld devices. Like all SOMs by Keith & Koep, the products in the Myon by Keith & Koep series work with processors based on the ARM architecture.

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  1. Myon II (by Keith & Koep)
    Myon II (by Keith & Koep)
    Micro CPU module with NXP i.MX 8M Mini & i.MX8M Nano Applications Processors

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