3.5" Standard

Reduced Size 5.75 in x 4 in
Ideal for Industrial Applications
De Facto Standard with Extensive Support
Advantages of an SBC with a Standard Form Factor
Scalable, future-proof solution
Long-term availability
Consolidated standard
Multi-vendor solution
Reduced time-to-market

3.5” is a common form factor for single-board computers characterized by a reduced size (5.75 in x 4 in). It is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications because it contains standard I/O ports such as video and USB. Though not formally recognized, 3.5” is nevertheless a de facto standard with extensive support around the world.

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  1. SBC-3.5-MX8
    3.5" SBC with NXP i.MX8 Applications Processors. (THEMIS - C43)

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