Advantages of the Computer-on-Module Approach
Design investment limited to the carrier board
Consolidated standards
Scalable and future-proof solutions
Long-term availability
ARM and x86 compatibility
Multi-vendor solutions
Highly configurable
Innovative and updatable solutions
Reduced time-to-market

The wide range of SECO’s off-the-shelf Computer-on-Modules offers the possibility of creating solutions with reduced time-to-market. Discover all of our standards: Qseven®, SMARC, COM Express®, ETX® and COM-HPC™.

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  1. FELIS
    Qseven® Rel. 1.20 Compliant Module with Intel® Atom™ E6xxT series CPU + EG20T Chipset
  2. ALYA
    Qseven® module with Intel® Atom™ E6xx series CPU+ EG20T Chipset

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