Carrier Boards

Advantages of the Computer-on-Module Approach
Hardware design investment limited to the carrier board
Scalable and future-proof solution
Long-term availability of modules in standard form factors
ARM and x86 compatibility
Multi-vendor solution
Reduced time-to-market

Carried boards are paired with modules and are essential for completing a project, as they house the application’s specific connectivity and the multimedia interfaces.

The use of a carrier board + module solution is advantageous in many cases, modularizing the project and allowing it to be adapted over time to new requirements through the substitution of just one of the two parts.

SECO carried boards have been developed for various standard form factors. Often included in the Development Kit, they are ideal for rapid product prototyping.

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  1. ConXT
    Carrier Board for Trizeps VII SOMs
  2. pConXS
    Carrier Board for Trizeps SODIMM SOMs

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